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What is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine

Natural Language Processing converts "Plain English" to executable automation code.

  •    Click OK Button
  •    Verify 'An error has occurred' does not exist.
  •    Select 'Batmobile' from the 'Vehicle' list

What is the Magic Object Model (MOM)?

An  approach to identify web page elements on-the-fly.  

MOM takes five words: Verb, Name, Class, Verify, Data 

  • MOM recognizes verbs: "Open", "Hover", "Click", "Select" and "Enter"
  • It finds visible "Button", "Checkbox", "Tab", "List", "Image" & "Text" classes.
  • "Enter" Data, "Type" at the screen and "Verify" text, elements and images. 
  • Even negative testing like "Verify the 'Red Truck' image does not appear"

Watch the demo!

Check out a sample video showcasing the Magic Object Model

Play with NLS and the MOM Add-On live at TestProject.io

You can try the Magic Object Model and the Natural Language Processing Engine as a published Add-In at TestProject.io

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