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Record & Playback tests are brittle
To fix we just plan a little
Only one thing to do, I suppose
Come along, LET'S DECOMPOSE!

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Avoids embarrassment of seeing loved ones and celebrities join the impending Zombie Apocalypse

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1313 Mockingbird Ln, Haddonfield, Illinois 61853, United States

(630) 555-VMPR


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"You get NOTHING!
You LOSE, sir!
Good day!"
Willy Wonka,
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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Sure it might be a few months off or even next year. But it's never too soon to start preparing.


"I built this Automation Sandbox based on challenges faced during my career as an automation engineers."

Paul Grossman

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TODAY only! Two for one discount for all monsters with more than one head!

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Q: What inspired you to build four Halloween themed automation sandboxes?

A: The 2011 episode of 'Bones' titled "The Feet on the Beach" featuring a body farm with donated cadavers in various scenarios for aspiring forensic anthropologists to learn thier trade.