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"Will MOM make my bed?

NO, MOM Will not make your bed!

MOM is a clever test automation concept.

MOM is understanding, forgiving and will do a lot for you by just asking.

Scroll down to see  what MOM can do... 

If MOM can't make my bed what can mom do?


MOM can interpret three forms of sentences

MOM has a basic two to five word sentence structure:
[Verb] [Element Name] [Class] [Verify] [Data]

  "Click Send Button"

  "Enter Name Field Paul"

  "Verify Name Field Contains Paul" 

MOM recognizes verbose sentences

  "Click on the Send Button"

  "Enter Paul into the Name Field"

  "Verify the Name Field Contains Paul"

MOM uses deductive reasoning to guess element types in short form sentences

  "Click Send"

  "Enter Paul into Name"

  "Verify Name Contains Paul"

MOM knows a lot of Verbs

Open, Nav, Nav to - any URL

Hover a Button, Link, Tab or Field

Click - a Button, Link, Tab, Field or Radiobutton

Select an item from a List 

Enter text into a field

Set or Clear a Checkbox or Radiobutton


MOM will check your homework

Verify 'Quoted' Text exists

Verify Named Image is displayed

Verify Named Field is 'Expected Text'

Verify Named Field Contains 'Expected Text'

Verify Text does not exist

Verify Named Button is not displayed

MOM is colorful and sensitive

Pass results highlighted, briefly, in Green

Fail results highlight in Red and pauses for 3 seconds

In some cases MOM is sensitive, case sensitive.

 Verify 'GET IN TOUCH' Button is displayed may not work.

Tip: Use F12 to review the exact element wording in the HTML page

MOM is looking for your perfect match

If more than one image element matched your text, the other on screen matches will be highlighted for a few seconds and a First Close Match warning will be reported. Consider a using longer string to uniquely identify elements.

Sometimes MOM needs to catch a clue

If MOM does not recognize a sentence with lots of words consider using single quotes.

Click the 'Get in Touch' Button

If no Button elements can be found MOM will class switch to a Link, and give a warning.